Request for Quotation to Supply and Install Scanner FUJITSU fi-7900 at Urwego Finance CBC


Request for quotations “RFQ 2024/04/IT/Sec/006”

TITLE: Request for quotation to supply and install Scanner FUJITSU fi-7900 at Urwego Finance CBC.

Urwego Finance CBC hereby invites interested professional companies to submit their financial proposal.

Please note also the following,

  • All the quotations should be submitted in sealed envelopes with the following mentions:

RFQ 2024/04/IT/Sec/006” To supply and install Scanner FUJITSU fi-7900 and submitted to the Urwego finance’s reception at its head office located at , Plot 428, KN5 RD, UMUYENZI PLAZA, Remera Sector, Gasabo, Tel. 5151.

  • The bidder/company is requested to mention his address too in the corner side of the same envelope
  • The quotations received, and acknowledged at the HO, will be opened and analyzed for selection by the Urwego Finance Tender Committee Members who will thereafter inform each bidder of the selection decision.
  • The quotations should include a valid tax clearance certificate issued by RRA, a valid Trading license/incorporation certificate (Registre de Commerce). Note that the bidder should be in the field tying with this present tender as per RDB registration certificate with experience of 5years.
  • The bidder should present 3 completion certificates from different reputable institutions.
  • The bidder sould present manufacturer’s pertneship certificate.
  • One year of warranty, maintenance and emergency intervention during warranty period is mandatory.
  • To provide three months of staff training is mandatory.
  • Successful testing should be conducted before preliminary handover.

Venue for submission: kindly remit your sealed bids quoting tender reference number, name of your company, and address to the following address:

Reception of Urwego, KN 5 RD, Rukiri-Remera-Gasabo- Umuyenzi Plaza

Deadlines for submission: 8th May 2024 at 4:00 PM.

NB: ToRs are attached in the tables bellow.

For further information, please contact us on 5151

Yours sincerely,

Done at Kigali on 15th April 2024

Jimmy Rutabingwa

Deputy CEO

ToRs for required scanners

Scanner Model : FUJITSU fi-7900

Scanner type

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) / Manual feed, Mid-Volume Production Scanne

Scanning modes

Simplex / Duplex, Colour / Greyscale / Monochrome / Automatic Detection (Colour / Greyscale / Monochrome)

Image sensor type

Colour CCD (charge coupled device) x 2 (Front x1, Back x1)

Light source

White LED Array x 4 (Front x2 & Back x2)

Document size

Minimum: A8 Portrait (52 x 74 mm), (304.8 x 431.8 mm) and long page scanning (Able to scan different size at the same time)

Optical resolution

600DPI and above

nterface/ Connector shape

USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 Port

Included all software / drivers

like PaperStream IP drivers and PaperStream-Pro drivers and all related drivers (licence price must be included in the quotation)


Support the scan & index in a single or multiple stations


1 year is mandatory and period maintenance including an emergency intervention


3 months operation training is mandatory

NB: Urwego Finance CBC reserves the right to cancel the tender any time before a contract is signed.

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