Do you think bad people can change for the better? Read the story

I do. I believe people change, whether it’s from bad to good or good to bad. Or good to bad to good. Anyone can for a number of reasons, it just takes different things for different people.

I don’t believe that anyone is born bad. We all have good in us, and we all started out good at some point, but unfortunately for a lot of people, something in their lives changed them for the worse. Bad behavior always has a reason behind it, it stems from something. Something happened to them that made them act the way they did. It is definitely not impossible for someone to go back to good, though.

The problem is that so many people are not willing to forget the bad things that have been done. They keep it in mind forever and define that person only by that. I understand that things like rape and murder are not easily forgotten, and shouldn’t be. They’re serious and terrible crimes.

But I do think that a criminal like that can feel guilt and remorse for their actions and change the way they are. I’m definitely not saying that they all do, or that we should forgive all rapists or murderers or other criminals.

But for example, my father cheated on my mother, and he was also abusive. In fact, the person he went tuxedo shopping with for his wedding with my mother was his other woman. They also have son who is just a few months older than me. But it has been years since this all happened and ended.

My mom used to hold a grudge but she realized it was pointless. She doesn’t look at my dad and only see the cheating husband she used to have (they are divorced now). They actually get along and she sees the good parts of him. They even joke a little bit about the affair that happened a long time ago.

My dad would not cheat now, and he is definitely not abusive to anyone. He might be a little aggressive, but that’s only when he’s really angry and needs to defend himself. I know that he’s changed his ways.

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