Faculty, Community Health and Social Medicine at University of Global Health Equity (UGHE)

Faculty, Community Health and Social Medicine


Job Title: Assistant Professor and above, Community Health and Social Medicine

Reports to: Head Godley-St. Goar department of Community Health and Social Medicine

Location: Butaro, Rwanda


The Department of Community Health and Social Medicine at UGHE is at the forefront of training global health practitioners and clinicians in utilizing advanced community health approaches and social medicine principles. Our primary goal is to foster the creation of a more just society with equitable access to health and wellness. Our department’s training model is designed to immerse learners in real-world scenarios and challenges through direct interactions with communities. We place a strong emphasis on the practical application of social medicine principles, including patient accompaniment and shared mastery, across all our programs.

At the core of our work are the three pillars of Education, Research, and Community Engagement. These pillars are not just foundational but integral to the department’s mission of advancing the understanding and practice of community health and social medicine. Through rigorous education, cutting-edge research, and meaningful community engagement, we strive to make a lasting impact on global healthcare delivery and social justice.

Through an academic experience uniquely rooted in the values of equity, students are empowered to both ease suffering at the bedside and drive transformational, systemic changes to the health system. UGHE is committed to an exceptional educational experience rooted in dynamic and engaging courses prioritizing a high degree of faculty mentorship and Community-Based Education (CBE).

Position overview

The faculty will develop and deliver innovative and high-quality programs, among which the Master of Science in Global Health delivery (MGHD) with a focus on Community Health and Social Medicine. She/he will support curriculum review and update for Community Based Education of medical students at UGHE, teach in the global CBE program, community engagement, and research.

The faculty will be required to collaborate with all departments at the university, as well as external partners such as the ministry of health, local leadership, and other organizations to develop creative learning platforms for learners. The suitable candidate has a strong background in community health, social medicine, education, and research. The ideal candidate should possess the capacity to use her/his expertise to develop curricula and use innovative pedagogy for diverse groups of learners.


Teaching (60%)

  • Be the program lead for the MGHD-Community Health and Social Medicine track at UGHE.
  • Prepare curricula, syllabus, course outlines, and course content in Community Health and Social Medicine for students at the University of Global Health Equity’s MGHD-Community health and Social Medicine track.
  • Develop and deliver Community Health and Social medicine courses to MBBS, MGHD, UGHE staff and UGHE partners including international students and the community.
  • Develop strategies and metrics to evaluate social medicine competencies for students.
  • Participate in the development and delivery of Community Health and Social Medicine courses at UGHE.
  • Participate in Community Based Education course development and delivery for MBBS students.
  • Participate in the Global Community Based Education(G-CBE) course development and delivery for international students.
  • Contextualize and adapt teaching content in line with the MGHD- Community Health and Social Medicine program.
  • Identify and engage potential learning sites/organisations for students.
  • Serve as course instructor in other modules of MGHD and MBBS as either in the lead or supporting role where skills and expertise apply. Courses may include Humanities and Social Sciences, Leadership and Management, Qualitative Research, Practicum, Fellowships, and Executive Education courses.
  • Utilize dynamic and outcome-driven teaching practices (including team-based and problem-based learning approaches) to develop students’ critical thinking abilities and technical expertise.
  • Oversee the ongoing design, instruction, coordination, and evaluation of the MGHD-Community Health and Social Medicine course.
  • Contribute to the evaluation of students in a timely and comprehensive manner, consistent with UGHE monitoring and evaluation protocol and course assessment criteria.

Supervising and mentoring (15%)

  • Supervising, mentoring MBBS, MGHD and UGHE partner student research projects as part of their education program’s requirements.
  • Supervise and mentor the department’s junior faculty.
  • Provide educational support to students, through office hours, feedback, and response to inquiries.
  • Mentor and advise students on their professional and educational growth.
  • Mentor junior faculty and provide guidance on their professional development in research, leadership and other relevant aspects of their career.

Admissions (5%)

  • Support and participate in student admission and selection process.

Community Engagement (10%)

  • Develop community engagement projects within Butaro and other sectors of reach.
  • Participate in improving and expanding already existing community engagement initiatives.
  • Mobilize funding to implement new community engagement projects and initiatives at UGHE.

Conduct and accompany research and advocacy projects (5%)

  • Undertake rigorous research activities leading to peer-reviewed publications focused on global health delivery and equity.
  • Participate in advocacy initiatives aimed at advancing equitable access to healthcare, advocating for policies and practices that promote social justice and inclusivity in health services.
  • Conduct research that upholds the core values of community health and social medicine, focusing on initiatives that empower vulnerable communities, address social determinants of health, and promote health equity.
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to students and alumni involved in global health research projects.
  • Foster a collaborative environment that encourages innovative research ideas and supports the development of research skills among learners.

Organizational development (5%)

  • Participate in different academic and non-academic committees at UGHE.
  • Be willing to take academic, non-academic committee and ad-hoc responsibilities as assigned by the UGHE leadership.
  • Oversee the continuous monitoring, evaluation, and quality improvement for all aspects of the MGHD-Community Health and Social Medicine track in partnership with the MGHD team.
  • Participate in continuous monitoring, evaluation, and quality improvement for all aspects of the department’s teaching.
  • Provide input in the strategy and direction for Global Health Education at UGHE.
  • Serve as a leader for UGHE academic development including global health learning, teaching, and research.


  • Doctoral degree (PHD or equivalent) in any of these areas: Community Health, Social Medicine, Public Health, Global Health, or any other comparable areas of study
  • Substantial experience in Health Professionals Education. This includes curriculum development, assessment, education program management and review, teaching, supervising and mentoring graduate students, particularly PhD candidates, in both academic and research settings.
  • Experience in implementation of Community Health and Social Medicine implementation, research, and advocacy projects.
  • Expertise in research, particularly community-based research methodologies, qualitative and quantitative research methods, and data analysis techniques.
  • Advanced training in Health Professionals’ education and research.
  • A strong record of scholarly publications in reputable peer-reviewed journals and presentations at academic conferences
  • Experience in curriculum development and education program evaluation.
  • Knowledge of accreditation processes related to graduate education is desirable but not essential
  • Has demonstrable strong interest in Community Health and Social Medicine education and practice.
  • Has skills and enthusiasm to work with an academic team to develop and employ diverse pedagogical strategies including community-oriented methodologies.
  • Experience in implementing health care programs in resource limited settings, and equity driven programs is desirable.
  • Experience working in Rwanda or other similar global health implementation environments is an advantage to the role.
  • Excellent written and spoken English.
  • Willingness to relocate to Butaro, Rwanda

Benefits of Working at UGHE

UGHE faculty will be working at both Kigali city and at our campus in Butaro, Northern Rwanda. The campus is in a scenic area with mild climate year-round. UGHE also offers a competitive salary and health care benefits. Faculty moving to UGHE from outside of Rwanda for this position will receive a relocation allotment and an annual stipend for travel to their home countries for themselves.

To apply

Applicants should provide: (1) curriculum vitae, (2) graduate transcripts, (3) a list of relevant courses taught including the student profile, sample syllabi, and teaching evaluations, (4) a personal statement addressing teaching philosophy and experience working with diverse student populations, (5) at least one example of representative scholarship, e.g. a peer-reviewed article. Please upload these under the ‘Additional Files’ tab on the application page before May 3rd 2024.

University of Global Health Equity is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Organizational Profile

UGHE is a new kind of university focused on training the next generation of global leaders in health care delivery. The university launched in Rwanda in September 2015. Through an academic experience uniquely rooted in the values of equity, students are empowered to both ease suffering at the bedside and drive transformational, systemic changes to the health system.

UGHE is an initiative of Partners In Health (PIH), an internationally recognized non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a preferential option for the poor in health care. The UGHE Center for Equity in Global Surgery (CEGS) is focused on contributing solutions to the imbalance in surgical access through five key pillars- Fellowship, Education and Training, Global Convenings, Research and Innovation, and Policy and Advocacy. In partnership with several global surgery organizations, the Center provides support for both undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum development in the surgical sciences, clinical and community-based research across sub-Saharan Africa, and support for regional surgical, obstetrics, and anesthesia plans.

Members of the UGHE community are tenacious and resolute in our drive to attain social justice, make common cause with those in need, listen to and learn from others, and operate with honesty and humility as we uphold academic integrity and intellectual curiosity. The University of Global Health Equity seeks individuals committed to these values to join the team.

Commitment to Safeguarding and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment:

At UGHE, we are committed to ensuring that those who benefit from our work- including community members – as well as our students, contractors, staff, and visitors to our campus are treated with dignity and respect and protected from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment and any form of systemic abuse, whilst reducing risk and vulnerabilities. A range of pre-employment checks will be undertaken in conformity with UGHE’s policy.

UGHE will request information from applicants’ previous employers about any findings of fraud, harassment, sexual harassment and any form of systemic abuse or incidents under investigation when the applicant left employment. By applying, the job applicant confirms their understanding of these recruitment procedures.

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