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Human resources specialist

Recruitment notice: Human Resources Specialist

Company Profile:

HOMEGA CO LTD is a leading enterprise in the field of building materials, committed to providing excellent products and services. As our business continues to expand, we are currently seeking a talented and passionate human resources specialist to join our team to support the company’s sustained growth and talent development.

Job Description:

As a human resources specialist, you will be a key member of our human resources team, responsible for managing daily HR operations and strategic planning. You will work closely with multiple departments to ensure that human resource management is aligned with the overall strategy of the company.

Main responsibilities:

Recruitment and employee onboarding: Design and implement recruitment processes, publish positions, screen resumes, organize interviews, and assist in new employee onboarding training and team integration.

Employee Relations: As a bridge between employees and management, it solves their questions and problems and maintains good employee relationships.

Training and Development: Identify employee training needs, plan and implement career development plans and training programs.

Performance management: Assist in establishing and improving a performance evaluation system to ensure fair evaluation and motivation of employee performance.

Salary and benefits: Participate in the design and adjustment of salary structure, ensure the competitiveness of the company’s salary and benefits, and comply with market standards.

Legal compliance: Ensure that the company’s human resources policies and procedures comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Data management: Maintain the accuracy of employee databases, conduct human resource data analysis and reporting.

Job requirements:

Educational background: Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, Psychology, Business Management or related fields.

Work experience: At least 2 years of human resources related work experience, candidates with recruitment and employee relationship experience will be given priority.

Professional knowledge: Familiar with best practices in human resources, familiar with labor laws and company policies.

Communication skills: Possess excellent written and oral communication skills, able to effectively communicate with employees at different levels.

Problem solving ability: Able to independently solve problems and possess good decision-making skills.

Organizational ability: able to manage multiple tasks and projects, ensuring timely completion.

Teamwork: Possess a strong spirit of teamwork and be able to collaborate with team members to achieve common goals.

We provide:

* Competitive compensation and benefits

* Career development and promotion opportunities

* Friendly working environment

* Continuous vocational training and development support.

If you love working in human resources and hope to unleash your talents in a dynamic environment, HOMEGA CO LTD looks forward to your joining! Please send your resume to and indicate “Apply for the position of Human Resources Specialist” in the email subject before 21st April 2024.

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