Public tender to supply School bags for IGIRE-JYAMBERE beneficiaries


Tender title: Public tender to supply School bags for IGIRE-JYAMBERE beneficiaries



The deadline for submission of bids: 27th May 2024 at 10:00 am (Kigali Time).

DUHAMIC-ADRI would like to invite all interested companies or firms to supply School bags to be distributed among IGIRE-JYAMBERE beneficiaries.

Details of school bags to be supplied





Needed quantities


School bag


Backpack for OVC and AGYW (sample to be visited at DUHAMIC-ADRI kicukiro head offices)



School bag


Backpack for linkage facilitators (sample to be visited at DUHAMIC-ADRI kicukiro head offices)


  1. All the prices should include taxes for Rwanda Revenue Authorities and Electronic Billing Machine will be required for payment
  2. Additionally, to the above technical specifications provided, the bidder must comply with the samples available at DUHAMIC ADRI.
  3. DUHAMIC-ADRI will reserve its right to reject any bid company that in the past failed to successfully execute any contract on timely manner.

Composition of administrative documents

A motivation letter addressed to DUHAMIC-ADRI Executive Secretary, P.O BOX 1080 Kigali with the following attachment:

  1. A copy of trading License from RDB,
  2. A proof to use Electronic Billing Machine (EBM);
  3. Valid Tax clearance certificate provided by Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA),
  4. A copy of Social Security Clearance issued by RSSB,
  5. Two (2) recent certificates of good completion of similar items from trustworthy institutions,
  6. Delivery period must be provided in each offer submitted by the bidder. However, the bidder must have the capacity to supply all needed school bags in a period not exceeding five (5) calendar days after receiving the purchase order.

Modes of payment

The invoice preparation and payment arrangements will base on the purchase order issued.

The payment will be made through Bank transfer to the Account number provided by the Supplier after delivery of school bags needed and presentation of EBM invoices.

During the payments, all financial documents and transactions related to this tender should be in the names of the Company or Firm which has competed and won the tender.

The selection of best bidder will be done using under and in compliance with the Least Cost Selection (LCS) methods.

The prices proposed in the financial proposal (quotation) shall include all taxes.

Bids including Financial and administrative documents (original and one copy) will be submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed to the Executive Secretary of DUHAMIC-ADRI at Kicukiro head office no later than Monday 27th May 2024 at 10:00 am (Kigali Time).

The public opening of bids is fixed on the same day at 10:30 a.m at the headquarters of DUHAMIC-ADRI in Kicukiro District, Niboye sector.

For more information kindly find the details in the attached tender document or call on 0788305329 (from 8:00am to 5:00pm during working days).

Done at Kigali, 20th May 2024


Executive Secretary

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