An emotional story of two brothers

Twin brothers were born in an American family in 1978. The brother, who was five minutes older, had a healthy heart, and the younger one also suffered from cardiomyopathy and cerebral palsy.

However, this tragic circumstance only brought the boys closer. The “older” brother always took care of the “younger”, helped him, motivated him. And even when a sick boy at the age of 13 needed the heart of a voluntary donor, a healthier brother wanted to commit suicide so that his heart could be transplanted to his brother.

The vital organ was found on time, and the “older” boy went to the studies of a biochemical engineer after school to invent a cure for the disease for his brother and other people.

But fate determined otherwise. He became an actor and even a Hollywood star. And the younger brother became a lawyer who defends the rights of children with cerebral palsy.

Today, Ashton and Michael Kutcher are active in charity work together.

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