Call for Tender for Supply and distribution of branded jerricans for grain storage



Title of the Tender: Supply and distribution of branded jerricans for grain storage

Tender Reference Number: CRS-Rwanda 027- FY24-TN/2024

Procurement Method: Open Tender

Date of Issue: May 30th ,2024

Date of Submission: June 14th. ,2024



CRS-Rwanda 027- FY24-TN/2024

Call for Tender for Supply and distribution of branded jerricans for grain storage

About Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Catholic Relief Services is the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States. CRS works to save, protect, and transform lives in need in more than 100 countries, without regard to race, religion or nationality. CRS’ relief and development works are accomplished through programs of emergency response, HIV, health, agriculture, education, microfinance, and peacebuilding. The Country Program has over 80 staff and implements its projects through local and international partners, with strong coordination/collaboration with Government of Rwanda structures. Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has been working in Rwanda since 1961. CRS Rwanda’s key programing areas include youth empowerment, agriculture, early childhood development, economic strengthening, justice, and peace building. To achieve this, CRS collaborates with the government of Rwanda, donors, the Catholic church, private sector, and civil society organizations.

About the Project

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is implementing the Great Lakes Accelerated Innovation Delivery Initiative Rapid Delivery Hub (AID-I GLR) to promote the adoption and utilization of nutrient-rich crops through capacity building, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI), and communication efforts. The efforts are to support sustainable access to inputs by farmers and ensure concurrent access to markets at scale. Seeds and Fertilizers are necessary as primary inputs to sustained productivity and risk mitigation on-farm. Furthermore, access to information and marketing, and the right extension infrastructure is required for farmers to gain right value of inputs and access output markets.

AID-I GLR project is complementing Gikuriro Kuri Bose (GKB) program interventions. The present Gikuriro Kuri Bose Program advances crop cultivation within nurturing care hubs (NCHs) and Early Childhood Development facilities where children are hosted, aiming to secure access to nourishing foods and encourage the adoption of a well-rounded, healthy diet.

The project is being implemented across 7 districts (i.e. Ngoma, Kayonza, Rwamagana, Rulindo, Burera, Nyabihu and Nyamasheke districts), where it operates alongside Gikuriro Kuri Bose project.

The purpose of the tender

CRS is seeking a supplier who can supply and distribute Branded jerricans for grain storage for AID-I GLR project in seven (7) districts (Ngoma, Kayonza, Rwamagana, Rulindo, Burera, Nyabihu and Nyamasheke districts). Below table outlines required jerricans with specifications.


Item Specification




Branded jerricans: Food-grade quality, meaning they are safe to store food. Square, White new Jerrycans with lids for hermetic storage; made from food grade HDPE, PP Molding; 20 liters.



Eligibility Criteria

The bidder is required to provide the following documents for evaluation purpose.

Administrative documents

  • Full Registration certificate issued by RDB.
  • VAT and Valid Tax clearance certificates.
  • Bid validity period should be 90 days.
  • Bids should be signed by an authorized company representative.

Technical documents

  • Bid should specify maximum delivery period.
  • Provide at least 3 completion certificates of similar services which show the email address and telephone number for the company who issued it.
  • Submission of a sample of branded Jerrican.

Financial documents

  • The financial offer should be in Rwanda Francs (Rwf).
  • The offer should be inclusive of VAT Tax.


  • The branding of messages will utilize specialized inks and coatings that bond effectively to the surface of the jerrycan, ensuring that the branding remains legible and intact over time, even when exposed to harsh conditions such as prolonged sunlight or extreme temperatures. The branding message is “Tumenye uburyo bwiza bwo guhunika imyaka bidasabye gushyiramo imiti kandi umusaruro ntiwangirike. Hano wahunikamo imyaka iyo ari yo yose, haba amasaka, ibigori, ibishyimbo n’ibindi”.
  • The Supplier will be responsible to distribute all jerricans up to the district level according to the distribution plan that will be shared with the successful bidder.
  • For your reference, we have annexed to this tender the supplier’s code of conduct that the successful bidder will be required to sign together with the contract.
  • The CRS payment modalities are 100% payment within 15 days after receipt and acceptance of goods.

Bid written in French or English addressed to the attention of the CRS / Rwanda Program Country Representative must be submitted to the following e-mail address on or before June 12th, 2024, at 11:00AM local time.

You are advised that this tender does not constitute in any way a commitment on the part of CRS/Rwanda or its agents, for any service requested.

Done at Kigali, May 30th , 2024.

Hans Fly

Country Representative

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