Did you know there are creatures that could help cure cancer?

Today we are going to talk about to the cute creatures which is called blind mole rats that could help cure cancer.

The blind mole-rats, also known as the fossorial or subterranean mole rats, are a subfamily (Spalacinae) of rodents in the family Spalacidae, found in eastern Europe and western and central Asia.

The hystricognath mole-rats of the family Bathyergidae are completely unrelated, but some other forms are also in the family Spalacidae. Zokors (subfamily Myospalacinae), root rats, and bamboo rats (subfamily Rhizomyinae) are spalacids also sometimes referred to as mole rats.

In the captivating realm of burrows and tunnels, the blind mole rat emerges as a unique creature, captivating us with its social nature. Despite lacking functional eyes, it adeptly navigates its subterranean world using acute hearing and smell.

Beyond its adorable appearance and sociable habits, the blind mole rat surprises scientists with its rare cancer resistance. Research in Nature Immunology reveals their use of “retrotransposons,” special DNA sequences triggering an immune response against cancerous cells, holding potential for human treatments.

In another study, researchers find blind mole rats’ abnormal cells secrete “interferon beta,” prompting rapid cell death, and preventing the development of tumors. This discovery offers hope for new human cancer therapies.

Delving into the blind mole rat’s world imparts lessons in resilience, community, and nature’s wonders, proving that even in darkness, a bright spirit can thrive.

Src: Earth Unreal, fopminui

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