Job opportunities at Kayonza District

1. Itorero Coordination Program and Community Mobilisation Officer

Job Description

–    Elaborate a local strategy on Itorero and Community Mobilization, monitor its implementation across Sectors and other public and non-public institutions, and produce consolidated reports thereof;
–    Coordinate the establishment and supervise the functioning of Itorero program at Sector level, schools, public and private institutions across the  District;
–    Monitor the mobilization and recruitment of volunteers and coordinate the evaluation of their activities across the District;
–    Coordinate activities of the National Commission of Unity and  Reconciliation across the District and serve as the Secretary to the Itorero activities Coordination committee;
–    Maintain and update a consolidated databank of Itorero and Unity and Reconciliation activities at the District level.

2. Health and Sanitation Officer 

Job Description

–    Implement the District’s strategy on community health and sanitation in line with national policies and programs;
–    Organize and conduct public awareness campaigns at the Sector level on health and sanitation issues, including diseases and malnutrition prevention and control;
–    Supervise the quality of services rendered by health facilities at the Sector level and consolidate data on the situation of subscription to medical insurance schemes (including
Mutuelle de Santé);
–    Monitor the allocation and use of funds intended to support community health and sanitation for vulnerable people.

3. Business Development and Employment Promotion Officer (2 Positions)

Job Description

–    Implement the District’s strategy and programs for the promotion of co-operatives, SME and Employment at the Sector level;
–    Promote the creation and development of new trading centres or markets;
–    Identify, map and promote tourism and business opportunities available within the Sector;
–    Conduct campaigns meant to promote savings, and undertake advocacy action to promote networking and build synergies with micro credit and saving organizations to facilitate
local population to access finances;
–    Facilitate gathering data related to the employment status within the sector;
–    Oversee the implementation of business development advisory services at Sector Level;
–    Gather, consolidate and update aggregated and disaggregated data related to the employment status within the District.

4. Local Revenue Collection & Inspection Officer (6 Positions)

Job Description

–    Keep and regularly update the Sector database of taxpayers at the Sector level and their situation in regard  to tax clearance;
–    Organize regular mobilization campaigns meant to educate  taxpayers on tax laws and regulations;
–    Conduct regular fiscal inspection at the Sector level and enforce tax recovery and compliance measures.

5. Socio-Economic Development Officer (17 Positions)

Job Description

Collect and consolidate  data on specific public (policy) issues pertaining to socio-economic development and record data about death and birth  across the Cell;
Identify socio-economic development needs at the Cell level and accordingly advise on response measures;
Elaborate, under the supervision of the Executive Secretary of the Cell,  programs of community works;
Supervise the execution of community development and citizen participation activities across the Cell and  produce consolidated reports thereof;
Prepare documents to be signed by the Executive Secretary of the Cell and assist him/her in the production of the Cell’s activities performance reports.
Facilitate gathering data related to the employment status within the cell

6. Animal Resources Officer (2 Positions)

Job Description

–    Implement the District’s animal resources strategy and programs in line with national policies and strategies;
–    Organize training sessions, public awareness campaigns and disseminate new livestock technologies among beneficiaries;
–    Identify, map and monitor animal diseases prevailing in the Sector and advise on preventive and reactive measures to be taken;
–    Distribute veterinary inputs (including carrying out artificial insemination) and improvement of animal breeds;
–    Keep and update the register of associations, co-operatives and individuals involved in fishing activities registered in the Sector;
–    Implement programmes for improvement of marketing outlets for animal products including their certification.

7. Secretary and Customer Care (2 Positions)

Job Description

–    Maintain the incoming and outgoing correspondences of the Sector;
–    Manage the agenda of the Executive Secretary;
–    Receive clients’ queries and direct them to the right personnel;
–    Keep the Sector’s store and manage flux on a daily basis;
–    Prepare logistics for meetings held at the Sector level.

 Procurement Officer

Job Description

•    To participate in Developing bid document
•    Participate in the tender Committee meeting for tender process (Bids opening and tender Evaluation up to final contract)
•    Preparing monthly/Annually Execution Procurement report and submit to Concerned institutions such as RPPA, District
•    Taking tender minutes and report to the President of Tender committee and other Tender Committee Members
•    Awarding Tenders following Rwandan Public Procurement Laws and Procedures
•    Assessing and follow up the quarterly supply plan
•    To ensure that every client of the health services and other beneficiaries are satisfied with the way in which they are received and attended to in the process of care.
•    Follow up the process of Hospital Contract management of awarded tenders including the delay penalties calculations for the concerned suppliers who do not comply with the delivery period under contract or purchase order.
•    Perform other related duties as required by his/her supervisor

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