An interesting story about a girl named Lori

This is the story of a girl called Lori who works in McDonald’s in Wills Point, Tx.

She took my order for gift cards when I pulled into the drive thru after finding no available parking.

Lori: “Welcome to McDonald’s, may I take your order?”

Me: “Yes, I’m sorry, but may I order gift cards here”?

Lori: “Yes! Would you like $5., $10, or $25”?

Me: “”I’d like one $25. and one $10. please”.

Lori: “Yes ma’am. That’s one $25 and one $10. Would you like a song with that”?

Me: “A song, really”? (Because it seemed a very cruel thing to be offering me a song if she didn’t really mean it 😁)

Lori: “Yes. Would you like one”?

Me: “Yes! I’d love a song!”.

Lori: “Really?! Nobody ever says yes”!

Me: “I’m saying yes. Please sing for me girl in the speaker. The gift cards are an anniversary gift if that helps”.

Lori: “Oh my goodness, the pressure – the pressure – it has to be good. What do I sing? What do I sing”? She then starts singing Justin Beiber’s Baby, Baby. I have never smiled so much! This girl made my day. So funny, so sweet. Infectious smile. The world needs more Lori’s!!”.

SRC: Karen Solley Forester

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