Updates: Bukayo Saka has become inevitable for Arsenal as Tottenham’s naivety shows – Premier League hits and misses

“I feel sorry for Ben Davies, in a way, but you know Saka is coming back on his left,” said Paul Merson of Arsenal’s second goal in their thrilling 3-2 win over Tottenham. “You cannot let him do that.”

you cannot let him. But, increasingly, you cannot stop him either.

The 22-year-old has become inevitable. Like the former Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid winger Arjen Robben, you know exactly what is coming next. You just don’t know how to stop it.

Davies is not the first defender to find this out. It is what Saka does.

His latest goal was his 15th in the Premier League this season and the majority of them have come from almost exactly the same place; many in almost exactly the same style. That curling finish into the far corner, having cut in from the right, is becoming his finish.

Thierry Henry perfected something similar from the opposite side of the box, of course. But it was another Arsenal legend whose scoring feats came to mind on this occasion. Saka is the first English player to reach 15 Premier League goals for the club since Ian Wright. It is not bad company to keep.

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